Pathway to Other Worlds
Dreaming of the Body Electric
Prelude to a Kiss
Lessons Learned
The Weapons
Guitarist in Blue
The Workman
Now I Lay Me Down to Play
Choral Symphony
The Recital
The Composer
The Other Worlds Coexist
The Conductor
The Gig
Last of the 76
Where Power Resides
The Dream Piano
The Dream Piano Teacher
The Dancers
The Singer
Tocatta and Fudge in D-minor
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Girl with Friend
Special thanks to Jennifer Athena Galatis, Susan John, Yana Reznik, Judy Kang, Tina Guo, AlmaNova, Robert deMaine, Kinga Augustyn, Rebecca Jackson, Stanislav Pronin, Scott Seaton, Frantisek Brikcius, Brett Deubner, and the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra.