San Diego scientist, artist, writer, and musician Terry Williams pursued music and science in his youth. He chose to go into science and graduated with a B.A. in biology and a Ph.D in molecular biology/biochemistry from the University of California. He has worked in academic and biotechnology research in the area of cancer therapy, and currently works in clinical/regulatory writing for the biopharma industries.

With an interest in graphic art and web design, Terry has created numerous websites. He founded Classical Matters, an online showcase for classical musicians and composers, and Classical is Cool, a website to promote classical music for young people. His art has recently been published in ICA, International Contemporary Artists, Vol. VII (2013). In addition, he has recently completed a photo project "Dog Beach Del Mar" exploring dogs and their owners interacting at this famous beach in Del Mar, CA.

Terry is committed to global environmental issues and created Biospherology, a website that promotes the development of an integrated science of the study of the Biosphere. He has also created a number of graphic design works for book covers, websites, and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) educational movement.

Terry is currently working in the area of arts-based training programs for the corporate sector in collaboration with Thomine Wilson, founder of the San Diego based Art West Agency Employee Arts Program. This program develops advanced curriculum taught by experienced artists from a broad spectrum of the arts, and is aimed at fostering creativity and innovation at the employee and management levels.

Artist Statement

In much of my graphic art I try to capture the intensity of feeling and the love of the artist for their work. Whether it's the musician on their instrument, the composer with his manuscript or the artisan creating a piece, I'm drawn to their inner experience. When I see an artist at work, for that moment I feel I'm sharing that love, that intensity.

The cultural devaluation of the arts is seriously on my mind and I am saddened and alarmed at the continuous loss of support for the arts in education. Many concerned people in the arts community are beginning a reevaluation and a new discussion of what artists are, what they do, what their role should be in society. Artists and arts-based organizations are rediscovering their roots as the conscience and emotional side of humanity, and it is my hope that they will lay claim to their rightful territory and repopulate it with new vigor, purpose and responsibility.

The Trandiscipline Age has arrived, and with it comes the need for teachers, administrators, and lay people that are excited by the concept of going beyond the traditional teaching of stand-alone subjects taught in isolation. Transdiscipline work is based on the fundamental concept of not only studying individual subjects, but also studying the relationships between subjects. It is my conviction that this approach will lead to the advances in creativity and innovation that people are looking for to solve the difficult issues facing a global humanity. I'm encouraged and inspired by the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) educational initiatives that are working to create transdiscipline learning platforms. A number of images on this site are the result of this inspiration.

Sites Created by Terry Williams

Dog Beach Del Mar
A photo project of dogs and their owners interacting at the famous Dog Beach in Del Mar, CA.

Classical Matters
Online showcase for classical musicians and composers.

Classical is Cool
Music and information to promote interest in classical music.

Presents concepts for an integrated science of the Biosphere.

Tale of the Sands
A musical tone poem based on the famous Eastern tale.

Pacific Medical Writing
Contract medical writing for the pharma industries by Terry Williams.

Radio Age
Sale of restored Art Deco styled antique radios from the 1930s - 1950s.